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About us

We are investment bankers serving the capital interests of entrepreneurs, families, and managers.
Our approach

A specialized mission

Our advisory role is exclusively dedicated to the issues faced by our clients - private individuals who may or may not have executive functions - on transactions which have a key impact on their professional wealth.

Advisory services for privately-owned companies

“Many transactions arise in the context of an urgent situation with no prior planning. We reposition the transaction within a rigorous framework of precise objectives and timetables.”

We support independent companies in creating value through transformative financial and strategic transactions.
We address the challenges of a transaction by analysing its strategic relevance and financial optimization within the constraints of a privately owned company held by individuals.


Corporate finance advisor to Managers under LBO

"Our role encompasses a continuum of advisory services from the education of executive teams to the safeguarding of their professional assets. The independence of Transactions & Compagnie is a deliberate and uncompromising choice. We exist to protect our clients.”

We advise executive teams in their successive LBO operations, from the initial primary LBO to the disinvestment stage.
Each transaction is a test in accountability and performance for our client companies, driven by their strategic and financial vision and executed by management in the context of a codified and demanding investment ecosystem.


Supporting the development of family-held companies

"By building lasting relationships with our clients, we support family shareholders within the framework of a long-term process and not only during the execution phase of a transaction."

We advise on situations involving the preservation of family control or to provide capital to family-owned and entrepreneur-led companies to develop their business, during the key stages of ownership, diversification, or transmission of their professional assets.
Preparing a company to be successful over the long-term requires guidance which is both technical and accountable to the client’s interests, with the ability to identify the right partners, ensuring a continuity of the business or a transfer their business without resorting to a disposal.

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